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The Demoscene


The Fallby Lemon. & the Deadliners

1st at the Revision 2018 Amiga demo competition. Maybe the prod i'm more proud of Code: Soundy + Dan + Oriens + Leonard, gfx: Made + Facet + Rahow + Prowler, music: Virgill + Dascon
Amiga 500 - 2018

Mimosa Houseby Psy-s

Even if it's a Psy-S demo, i consider the group to be a new formation/subgroup of Apex. Presented at The Party 96 (not selected) Code & gfx: Codac, gfx: Rahow + Hastur, music: Maf + Traven
Amiga 1200/030 - 1996

Intro Gaby Les Shadocks

2nd at the Saturne Party 3 Code: Oriens, gfx: Rahow, Music: Tebirod
Amiga 1200 - 1996

Rahow Paradiseby PH prod

It was supposed to be a prank for me ^^ finally I was involved to it and it's became a co-prod. Presented at the Saturne Party 4 Code: Darken/Haujobbs, Gfx: Rahow/Psy-S, Music: Maf/Syndrome
Amiga 1200/030 - 1996

No Love V2by Syndrome

No Love remix. Presented at the 3S2 but disqualified from 1st place Code: Codac, Gfx: Rahow and Codac, Music: Angelwings
Amiga 1200/030 - 1996

M - Research of Musiciansby Apex

We wanted to find more musicians at that time ^^ Code & gfx:Codac, gfx: Rahow, music: Bosco
Amiga 1200 - 1995

Toracoraby Apex

The first released demoscene production I was involve in. Code & gfx:Codac, gfx: Rahow + Ranma, music: Zager
Amiga 500 - 1994

The Saturne Dayby Apex

First Apex trackmo. Presented at the Saturne Party 2 Code & gfx:Codac, gfx: Rahow + Ranma, add. design: Bensty, music: Zager
Amiga 1200 - 1994

Laufertroby Apex

First Apex intro (limited size). Presented at The Party 94 Code & gfx:Codac, gfx: Rahow, music: soundy/NGC
Amiga 500 - 1994

Various machines

revision 2019 in the hurryby Flush

Maybe the first demo on Switch ever ! 7th at the Revision 2019 Wild compo. Work only on jailbreaked Switch ! Code: Maracuja, gfx: Rahow + Callisto, music: Triace
Switch - 2019

Sintroby !!M

Maybe the first Wii demo prod. 2nd at the wild compo of the Main 2010. Code: Rom#1/!!M, Gfx: Rahow/Apex, Music: Xtrium/Frequency
Wii - 2010

Neuronal flashesby Apex

First Apex prod on PC. first prod I get all posts including code & music. Presented at State of the Art 2004, dedicated to Spiral / Oxygene Code & gfx & music: Rahow, add. code: Codac, add. gfx: Spiral/Oxygene
PC - Win32 - 2004

Many Years Waitingby Apex

Bad attempt to do a 64k intro with Farbrausch demotool Demotool: Farbrasuch, design: Rahow, music: Darkus / Poise rec.
PC - Win32 - 2004